Welcome to Dreaming of Christmas

Our aim at Dreaming of Christmas is to provide you with the best array of luxurious and long-lasting Christmas decorations and festive ware.

The company was established in 2008 by Jenny and Doug Hobbs when they noticed that there was a limited supply of quality and traditional Christmas items.

Jenny has been successful in sourcing the most interesting and quality stock from all around the world.

Many items will remain as heirlooms for generations to come.

Since its establishment Dreaming of Christmas has grown from one shop in the Milford Mall Auckland to having several impressive shops in recent years.

The quality and pricing of our stock has allowed us to quickly establish ourselves as the place to go, for the most incredible collection of Christmas items.

With this year being a little “unusual", we have chosen to only have one shop, and that is in Botany town centre, Auckland.

However, the good news is, most of our stock is still available to our customers, throughout New Zealand and now internationally, online through this website.

International sales are done by special request through the contact form.

Our stores are known for the massive selection of traditional Santa’s and Christmas trees of all shapes and sizes.  Some look like they have just come from a north pole forest, still covered with snow. So, realistic.

Dreaming of Christmas also has possibly the largest array of commercial-sized figurines and Display items in the country.

Each year Jenny has introduced the latest trends from Europe and around the world and this year is no exception.

What new surprises Jenny has this year, we can only wait and see.

One thing is for sure, the latest Christmas trends are on sale, right here, at Dreaming of Christmas.

“We trust we can help you enjoy this most wonderful time of the year”

                                                                                    Jenny & Doug Hobbs Dreaming of Christmas